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Massage & Naturopathic Medicine


Release Back pain and tension


For all those who always have an issue with their back. Know tension and back pain. The musculature is gently but deeply worked through the special technique. A series of treatments consisting of several applications is recomended. Also suitable for prevention. It is also worth wanting to tackle the underlying issue. 

60 mins


Safe and secure


This treatment is helpful after shock, trauma or loss. A feeling of security and safety can set in. A protected space that gets by without words.
A full-body application with gentle oil strokes that has a profound effect, carried by the rhythm that relaxes body, mind and soul. The rest period that follows helps to integrate the new body awareness and is an integral part of the treatment.



60 min​​​


Anti-Stress with Deep Effects


The HF Bioenergetic Massage®, created by Hartmut Fraas, is a very gentle manual therapy. Through gentle pressure  the body’s natural self-regulation is stimulated, and stress is reduced. This technique has a holistic, deep effect, as biological-cybernetic control circuits in the body are revitalized. Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of the treatment.

"One hour of treatment time corresponds to up to eight hours of deep sleep," Hartmut Fraas

1h (+10 min rest)

80,00 €

Lavendel Entspannungsreise.
Why Naturopathy

Design individually, connect methods & stimulate healing impulses

Holistic naturopathy

This integrated approach offers infinite possibilities to stimulate healing. I draw from this wealth of knowledge. It is a gift of our time that we are able to combine science, tradition, and experience, because through an open, personalized approach, holistic health is created.


Natural remedies

Through my treatments, I combine remedies from anthroposophical medicine, spagyric, homeopathy, and phytotherapy. These remedies may be transformed by profound pharmaceutical processes in order to strengthen their inherent healing power.


Bach Flower Therapy

These flower remedies work on an emotional level, support self-knowledge, and stabilize the personality. This therapy helps to naturally bring the emotions into balance.



This technique uses guided relaxation and focused concentration, to shape your own life plan. Through a hypnotic trance, inner images form, and our everyday thinking recedes, entering a changed state of consciousness.


External applications

Custom oil blends, delivered via massages, wraps and cloths, support the body’s perceptions. The therapeutic touch allows for deep inner connection to develop. Self-regulation, and the inner will to heal, are addressed in a lasting way.



When used selectively, essential oils can regulate physiological parameters and support hormonal balance in the body. Emotions and moods are awakened.


Meet Amelia

What if the answer to our question lies within us?


My  therapeutic work is rooted in the understanding that we, as human beings, are part of a larger whole. Through this spiritual knowledge I design your individual treatment approach—because healing comes in many different ways—always unique, and always when we activate the will to heal within us.

I look forward to meeting you, and I will be happy to support you on your individual path.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Certified Naturopathic Medical practitioner, massage therapist, pharmaceutical representative, esthetician

Further education: Relaxation teacher training, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Therapy, massage, esthetician, hypnosis, meditation

Team Leader International Training Center for Natural Cosmetics at Weleda




May our tree of life be firmly rooted in the foundation of love. May good deeds be the leaves of that tree. May words of kindness be the blossoms thereof and peace be the fruits thereof. Let us grow and develop as one family united in love.


I look forward to meeting you

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